Introducing the fish in batter.   Gluten Free.

The best Gluten Free fish experience. Better than what you always get.

Finally we are able to launch our exciting new product after endless lockdowns in Melbourne. The wait is so worthy. After so many trials we are able to present our customers with this fish in batter. It has all the words one can think of about a fried fish fillet: crunchy batter and soft fish.

How about adding some other words? Such as ‘thin’ ‘crispy’ ‘Hoki’ ‘golden’ ‘easy’ ‘quick’ ‘simple’.

This new fish in batter has all the advantages listed above. It has a thin layer of golden crust on the outside which is satifyingly crispy. The Hoki fillet on the inside has all the moisture and freshness locked in offering wonderful flavour from the southern ocean. Not to mention it’s also easy to cook at home! Our special recipe allows you to quickly enjoy them from freezer to table. Easily baking it in oven for 15-20 minutes or even shorter in the fryer. We loved it very much and we hope you would too.

And wait, we forget something…Not only it’s gluten free, it is also EGG FREE, NUT FREE, DAIRY FREE, SOY FREE, Lo-Fo, GARLIC FREE! Everyone in the family could enjoy it!

Match it up with our potato cakes, what a beautiful 8D House experience!

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